Kettlebell Trainers Workshop

For experienced fitness coaches and trainers.

Kettlebell Trainers Workshops


World Kettlebell Champion Olena Semenova is fiercely competitive and knows what it takes to win a world-championship. In addition to coaching championship winners she also coaches fitness instructors, gym owners, and personal coaches.

Olena has also created some unique kettlebell dance routines that combine advanced kettlebell fitness with great music and choreography. Her kettlebell dance routines are enthralling and extremely challenging.

Kettlebell Trainers Workshop

Would you love to integrate kettlebells into the programs you offer your clients? Would you like to know how kettlebells can help your clients to gain power, coordination, stamina, and agility; lose weight, and build a good-looking body; strengthen joints and ligaments for prevention and rehabilitation after some disease or infection? I would love to share my knowledge with you so that you can build and grow your coaching business.

The program is based on the International Gira Sport Federation (IGSF) school of kettlebell lifting. As a World Champion, and Master of Sports, I studied professional kettlebell exercises thoroughly and have developed my own system of teaching. The main motto of the Program is “Move the Kettlebell!” – because we are not lifting this tool, we are moving with it. That is why the motions are very natural. I teach you how to move the kettlebell properly, so you do not feel it as a weight, but as an extension of your body, a partner with whom you are working together.

Within the program you will learn:

  • The Principles of a Swing; different variants of the basic swing movements; how to develop power and coordination with the basic swing;
  • Kettlebell-Yoga: exercises with kettlebell overhead for flexibility, agility, muscle development; joint strengthening
  • Kettlebell on the Move: exercises and sets that really make you feel the cardio effect; how to burn fat with the kettlebells

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Olena Semenova - World Kettlebell Champion & Kettlebell Fitness Coach

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