Kettlebell Workshops

Kettlebell Workshops

Olena promotes a number of formats for her workshops but is also happy to work with gyms, promoters, and trainers to develop custom workshops and training sessions. Her most popular formats are described below but please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to discuss the format options.

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Kettlebell Demonstration

This session is an introduction to, and demonstration of, kettlebell lifting for fitness and support. Olena will demonstrate many of the most popular movements as well as some of the more advanced. She will then demonstrate her unique kettlebell dance routine and finally wrap up with a Q&A.

This format is open to people of all ages and abilities since it is not a hands-on workshop.

Kettlebell Workshop for Fitness

Kettlebell fitness is becoming ever more popular in gyms right across the country. This workshop is for beginners and experienced kettlebell lifters alike. Olena will demonstrate and coach the most popular and effective kettlebell movements to promote fat burn and overall full-body fitness.

Although attendees may have some kettlebell experience Olena will recap, hone, and refine the technique for each of the key movements. As such, this session is suitable for everyone.

Kettlebell Workshops for Trainers

Most fitness trainers are keen to continually develop their skills. This workshop is a fantastic, and unique, opportunity to learn from a World Kettlebell Champion and coach. This is an intensive workshop available in two formats; full-day (highly recommended) and half-day. A Doctor of Medicine, Olena will recap on the physiology of kettlebell fitness, refine techniques for the popular movements, and introduce or refine your skills with advanced kettlebell movements.

This is not a beginners course. It is highly recommended that participants have some experience in kettlebell lifting. During this intensive session trainers are going to learn from one of the best in the world and be able to take that learning back to their own clients.

Kettlebell Workshop for Seniors

Olena is passionate about promoting a healthy, harmonious, life-style for everyone but has a special affinity for seniors. In this hands-on workshop she will guide seniors through gentle full body exercises that will help promote mobility, strengthen essential joint muscles systems, and encourage a fun, group fitness activity that requires precious little space or investment.

Olena is a Doctor of Medicine and holds a Master of Sports


Olena Semenova - World Kettlebell Champion & Kettlebell Fitness Coach

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