Seniors Kettlebell Workshop

Lightweight, safe, and effective fitness for Seniors.

Seniors Kettlebell Workshop

World Kettlebell Champion, Olena Semenova, offers a hands-on kettlebell fitness program specially designed for seniors. A Doctor of Medicine, holding a Master of Sports, and with over 10 years of coaching history Olena is both qualified and experienced to ensure that your fitness routine is both safe, and effective. Olena will also provide a live kettlebell demonstration of movements and technique, including an enthralling dance routine, for fitness and strength training. She also covers the very important aspect of safety and the perils of kettlebell fitness without proper, qualified instruction.

Seniors Kettlebell Workshop

At any age: special program for seniors

At any age: a special program for seniors, and those who do not believe in themselves. If you think that exercising with weights is not your option, then this workshop is for you! A fresh new look at working out with weights: you will not “lift” any weight, you will naturally move with it towards your health and well-being. Yes, working-out with KBs makes you healthier. You will love these exercises, that have been especially developed for the health of your back, knees, elbows, pelvic muscles, and heart. I would love to show you how you can work out with your own KB at home or outdoors.

Together we will learn:

  • how to have a work out for the whole body: one kettlebell, all muscles at the same time!
  • how to work out with the kettlebell safely and effectively for healthy back and joints
  • the cardio-effect of working with kettlebells: how to burn fat and ensure the health of your heart

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Olena Semenova - World Kettlebell Champion & Kettlebell Fitness Coach

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