Kettlebell Demonstration

Advanced Kettlebell Lifting & Dance Routine

Live Kettlebell Demonstration

World Kettlebell Champion Olena Semenova offers an entertaining live kettlebell demonstration of movements and technique for fitness and strength training. She also covers the very important aspect of safety and the perils of kettlebell fitness without proper, qualified instruction.

Olena has also created some unique kettlebell dance routines that combine advanced kettlebell fitness routines with great music and choreography. Her kettlebell dance routines are enthralling and extremely challenging. In the video, to the left, Olena is dancing to Madonna whilst swinging a 12kg(26lb) kettlebell.

Live Kettlebell Demonstration & Dance

Olena’s Kettlebell Demonstration & Dance demonstration is an engaging 1 hour presentation full of valuable information and enthralling performance. During the session Olena will:

  • Introduce the history of kettlebell lifting from its Russian and Ukrainian origins
  • Demonstrate some of the basic kettlebell movements and techniques
  • Describe the benefits of this full-body workout for general fitness and sport.
  • Dispel some of the myths around kettlebell lifting.
  • Perform a gruelling, but enthralling, kettlebell dance routine and workout.
  • Facilitate a Q&A session

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Olena Semenova - World Kettlebell Champion & Kettlebell Fitness Coach

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